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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fearless in the Face of Darkness

Because my amazing class of writing teens inspired fearlessness in me with all their wonderful and deep and difficult words, here is one of the poems whose dark truth I will meditate on tonight as I slip into dreams:

How to Sleep

Let your mountainous forehead
with its veins of bright ore
ease down, the deep line
between your brows flatten,
unruffle the small muscles
below your temples, above
your jaws, let the grimace
muscles in your cheekbones
go, the weeping muscles
sealing your eyes. Die into
the pillow, calm in the knowledge
that you will someday cease, soon
or late, late or soon, the song
you're made of will stop, your body
played out, the currents pulsing
through your brain drained
of their power, their purpose,
will frizzle out through
your fingertips, private sparks
leaping weakly onto the sheets
where you lay breathing
and then not breathing.
Lay your head down and relax
into it: death. Accept it.
Trick yourself like this.
Hover in a veil of ethers.
Call it sleep.

-Dorianne Laux

(found at: http://www.versedaily.org/2009/howtosleep.shtml)

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