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Friday, July 22, 2011

Bats in the Belfry

Alas, they are not vampire bats. Still they make an impression. This piece was written long ago but is being posted in honor of my friend Jess, who is wondering just what the bats in her attic are up to....


Small eyes fold into corners where rats hide
and birds nest.
The shy mammal wraps her glossy black cape
about her shoulders, licks out with a long

pink muscle and probes the private spaces
of an attic, a musty closet where

the other children’s shoes would lie
those long ago summers.

Her voice bounces off the abandoned eaves
and the opening where a green curtain
waves a balmy wind into chambers warm and thick
with peeling iridescent wallpaper.

She unfolds, careful not to crush her spring furs,
sweeps herself into the dusk

of a half-open hope chest and sleeps in the shadow
of an old box of his handkerchiefs.

(C) KL Pereira 
Do not repost without permission.

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