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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Erotic, The Mythic, and The Caustic

It's been awhile since my last post, I know. I've been working on some really cool projects, some of which can be found below!

It's no secret that I love the creepy, the sensual, and the bad-ass. Well, this summer you can join me for some intense seminars that explore all my loves (and yours).

I'm offering three seminars at Grub Street (my favorite independent writing center and home to some wonderful and inspiring folks). Check them out!

Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me: Writing the Erotic Poem

Monday, June 28th, 7:00-10:00pm.
From the positively carnal to the utterly debauched, the poetry of the erotic has permeated popular as well as literary writing. Whether you're looking to expand your writing palate or deepen your study of how to meaningfully access the sensual in shorter work, this one night seminar will explore how the poem (in its many forms) naturally lends itself to the expression of our hidden (and not so hidden) cravings. We'll discuss how and why certain writers are able to rouse our deepest desires (whatever they may be) and do plenty of in-class exercises that will whet your appetite for the sensual! All sexualities welcome and encouraged. Don't worry; by the end of the night, we'll find the place that makes you quiver!

The Next JK Rowling: Unleashing the Power of Fairy Tale and Myth

Saturday, August 7th, 9:00am-4:00pm.
Readers can’t get enough of the fantastical. J.K. Rowling, and most recently Stephanie Meyer, have millions of devoted readers worldwide. So too does Philip Pullman, Margaret Atwood, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and hundreds of others who employ such worlds and characters. Over the course of this one fantastic day, we will delve into the glittering Aladdin’s Cave of myths and fairytales and help you to find and develop your own fantastical kingdom. Revisiting a varied host of familiar tales from Little Red Riding Hood to The Odyssey, we will look at modern interpretations of these fairy tales and myths and see how you too can carve out your own magical world. We will do a few inspiring creative exercises and prompts designed to inspire you to start “opening the wardrobe door” and creating your own Narnia.

Crafting the Villain

Monday, August 23rd, 7:00-10:00pm.
Some of the best and most memorable characters in literature are villains, rough and tough monsters, sly and sexy femme fatales, and naughty and deceitful oligarchs. They unnerve and excite us, sending a chill down our spines, and striking fear into our hearts. Yet when creating our own villains we often fail to overtly acknowledge the complexity and moral ambiguity that compels them to cause mayhem, delegating their motivation to a need to cause evil for evil’s sake and resulting in two-dimensional baddies. In this one-day seminar we will discuss traditional and non-traditional villains, why they are an essential part of any juicy tale, and how we can develop truly sinister and captivating characters that will antagonize, needle, and provoke even the bravest reader.

All registration and contact info can be found at: www.grubstreet.org
or tel: 617.695.0075. email: info@grubstreet.org.

Questions for me? Shoot me an email (contact info in my bio).

Hope to see you at Grub!!!

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