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Monday, April 19, 2010

Hitting the Muse in the Face

Sometimes, I feel like I'm hitting the Muse right in the kisser.

I sleep late, I take too long getting my morning chai, I decide it's time to de-cat the guest room, to do the laundry, to practice the piano that I can't even rightly play.

It's procrastination to another level. It's no longer procrastination: it's total slag-slack.

I need to find what is missing in these two poems. The key, the lock, the secret ingredient. I need to pull it apart so I can find you what it's made of, so I can re-make it into what it's supposed to be.

But how to do this? The conundrum of the writer/artist. I keep learning how. And then I forget.

So I have to re-learn.


  1. I think every artist has a case of this. Multiple times. Perhaps we have to relearn because what helped us out last time just doesn't work now.

    I hope your muse hits back soon.

  2. Thanks, Henry! I think I just need to give it some space...muses are like petulant teenagers sometimes!

    It was great seeing you at the salon! Hope all is well with you and your muse!

  3. It was great seeing you too! I liked this post because, as it happens, a short (1K words) of mine has been putting up a fight. Just like you said, I'd been looking for that special thing it needs. My muse has been giving me the 'silent treatment'; hopefully she starts talking to me soon.

    Petulant teenagers indeed!

  4. I think Henry is absolutely right. This happens to all of us - it's actually part of the creative process. (Guys, maybe both your muses are actually recharging, preparing for a big wake-up!).

  5. Hi Sue! Yup, let's hope so. Otherwise, I may have to resort to bribery. Chocolate, shopping sprees, watching teenage vampire movies, whatever it takes to get her to talk to me again!