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Thursday, March 11, 2010

One word makes all the difference.

I've been trying to crack the slippery carapace of what I knew were going to be some bright jewels of poems.

Almost all of them, save two, have gone through at least 10 drafts (which is actually quite a low number--I'm normally in the 20s or 30s). There were two particularly hard stones that shined in some places and were cloudy and dull in others. I had the concept, the rhythm, the music. But something CRUCIAL was missing. I wrote around it, I expanded and expounded. I fretted and worried at my keyboard. It didn't help.

I decided that I needed another set of eyes that would maybe, hopefully spark on something that I had overlooked, some speck of black that was really a diamond inside (or a split and dripping fig, or a pat of melted butter).

I handed over one of the stones and was given a word. That word was what I was missing. It unfastened the belt, pulled down the zipper, exposed the gleaming belly of my poem.

There's no better feeling in my world that to know you've got it and you've got it good.

If you're interested in hearing the poem I'm referring to, come to Grub Gone...Blue on Friday night or stay tuned...it just might appear on the Interwebs sometime soon.


  1. The poems/drabbles were AMAZING. Which word was it?

  2. You are so SWEET!

    The word was : waist. Deceivingly simple.

    How did it go at the Open Mic? (I had to leave earlier than expected but I was mentally rooting for you!)

  3. Ooh, I would love to read/hear the poem again to see how that fit into the whole...

    I think it went really well! As I left the party Steve Almond asked me how it went and the woman next to him blurted out that she knew which poem I'd read and that she loved it, so that's GOTTA be good.